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Woodbridge, London. Construction Starting Winter 2016.

Developers of a new subdivision want to incorporate railway bridge and park to be named for the late Harry Geris, a local Olympic wrestler

A new Hyde Park subdivision will have a focal point that honours London’s past in two ways: an historic railway bridge flanked by a park named for Olympic wrestler Harry Geris.

The Hampton Group plans a subdivison on the north side of Sarnia Rd. with about 120 single-family homes north of the Canadian Pacific tracks and 170 townhouses on the south side.

The two halves of the property are linked by a timber bridge over the railway that city records indicate was built in 1895 and reconstructed in 1990.

David Tennant Jr. of the Hampton Group said the bridge will be part of a development plan submitted to the city as multi-use pathway that will link to existing municipal laneways.

“When we saw the bridge, we saw it an opportunity, not a negative to our development.”

From the London Free Press

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